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+-- Engine.Actor
   +-- Engine.Triggers
      +-- Engine.Counter

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from Engine.Actor
Acceleration, AmbientGlow, AmbientSound, AnimFrame, AnimLast, AnimMinRate, AnimRate, AnimSequence, bActorShadows, bAlwaysRelevant, bAlwaysTick, bAnimFinished, bAnimLoop, bAnimNotify, Base, bAssimilated, bBlockActors, bBlockPlayers, bBounce, bCanTeleport, bCarriedItem, bCollideActors, bCollideWhenPlacing, bCollideWorld, bCorona, bDeleteMe, bDifficulty0, bDifficulty1, bDifficulty2, bDifficulty3, bDirectional, bDynamicLight, bEdLocked, bEdShouldSnap, bEdSnap, bFixedRotationDir, bForcePhysicsUpdate, bForceStasis, bGameRelevant, bHidden, bHiddenEd, bHighDetail, bHighlighted, bHurtEntry, bInterpolating, bIsItemGoal, bIsKillGoal, bIsMover, bIsPawn, bIsSecretGoal, bJustTeleported, bLensFlare, bLightChanged, bMemorized, bMeshCurvy, bMeshEnviroMap, bMovable, bNet, bNetFeel, bNetHear, bNetInitial, bNetOptional, bNetOwner, bNetSee, bNetSpecial, bNetTemporary, bNoDelete, bNoSmooth, bOnlyOwnerSee, bParticles, bProjTarget, bRotateToDesired, Brush, bSelected, bShadowCast, bSimulatedPawn, bSinglePlayer, bSpecialLit, bStasis, bStatic, bTempEditor, bTicked, bTimerLoop, bTravel, bUnlit, Buoyancy, CollisionHeight, CollisionRadius, CollisionTag, ColLocation, Deleted, DesiredRotation, DodgeDir, DrawScale, DrawType, Event, ExtraTag, Fatness, Group, InitialState, Instigator, Inventory, LatentActor, LatentByte, LatentFloat, LatentInt, Level, LifeSpan, LightBrightness, LightCone, LightEffect, LightHue, LightingTag, LightPeriod, LightPhase, LightRadius, LightSaturation, LightType, Location, Mass, Mesh, MiscNumber, NetPriority, NetTag, OddsOfAppearing, OldAnimRate, OldLocation, OtherTag, Owner, PhysAlpha, Physics, PhysRate, PrePivot, Region, RemoteRole, Role, Rotation, RotationRate, ScaleGlow, SimAnim, Skin, SoundPitch, SoundRadius, SoundVolume, SpecialTag, Sprite, StandingCount, Style, Tag, Target, Texture, TimerCounter, TimerRate, Touching[4], TransientSoundRadius, TransientSoundVolume, TweenRate, Velocity, VolumeBrightness, VolumeFog, VolumeRadius, XLevel

Enumerations Summary
Inherited Enumerations from Engine.Actor
EDodgeDir, EDrawType, EInputAction, EInputKey, ELightEffect, ELightType, EMusicTransition, ENetRole, EPhysics, ERenderStyle, ESoundSlot, ETravelType

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from Engine.Actor

Functions Summary
function BeginPlay ()
function Reset ()
function Trigger (actor Other, pawn EventInstigator)
Inherited Functions from Engine.Actor
!=, *, *=, +, +=, -, -=, / , /=, <<, ==, >>, AllActors, AnimEnd, Attach, AutonomousPhysics, BaseChange, BasedActors, BecomeViewTarget, BeginEvent, BeginPlay, BroadcastMessage, Bump, ChildActors, Cross, Destroy, Destroyed, Detach, Dot, EncroachedBy, EncroachingOn, EndedRotation, EndEvent, Error, Expired, Falling, FellOutOfWorld, FinishAnim, FinishInterpolation, GainedChild, GetAnimGroup, GetAxes, GetUnAxes, HitWall, HurtRadius, InterpolateEnd, Invert, IsA, IsAnimating, KillCredit, KilledBy, Landed, LoopAnim, LostChild, MakeNoise, MirrorVectorByNormal, Move, MoveSmooth, Normal, PlayAnim, PlayerCanSeeMe, PlaySound, PostBeginPlay, PostTeleport, PreBeginPlay, PreTeleport, RadiusActors, RotRand, SetBase, SetCollision, SetCollisionSize, SetInitialState, SetLocation, SetOwner, SetPhysics, SetRotation, SetTimer, Sleep, Spawn, Spawned, SpecialHandling, TakeDamage, Tick, Timer, Touch, TouchingActors, Trace, TraceActors, TravelPostAccept, TravelPreAccept, Trigger, TweenAnim, UnTouch, UnTrigger, VisibleActors, VisibleCollidingActors, VRand, VSize, ZoneChange, [

Variables Detail

OriginalNum Source code

var byte OriginalNum;


bShowMessage Source code

var(Counter) bool bShowMessage;

CompleteMessage Source code

var(Counter) localized string[80] CompleteMessage;

CountMessage Source code

var(Counter) localized string[80] CountMessage;

NumToCount Source code

var(Counter) byte NumToCount;

Functions Detail

BeginPlay Source code

function BeginPlay ( )

Reset Source code

function Reset ( )

Trigger Source code

function Trigger ( actor Other, pawn EventInstigator )


     CountMessage="Only %i more to go..."

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